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Type : Vivace. Campanula punctata ‘Pink Chimes’ Long shell pink bells. CAMPANULE Carpatica ‘Rapido White’-Campanule-Bellflower. Neither parent is patented. Campanula punctata. Distribution. I would not recommend this plant for a flower bed. 5 more photos VIEW GALLERY. Sun or ½ Shade. Introduction récente. Forms a low creeping mat of foliage. The flowers are large (app. Lawn & Turf Topics; Landscaping; Garden Design; Edible Gardening CARE Très particulière cette campanule à fleurs en forme de lanterne japonaise, rose franc, s'ouvrant comme une pieuvre. Bellflowers are among the most popular of perennials. Plant Finder; Lawn, Landscape & Garden Design. Campanula, Dwarf Spotted Bellflower 'Pink Chimes' Campanula punctata. Campanula punctata cv. Pink Chimes produces pretty long bell shaped flowers in blush pink amongst leafy green foliage. Approx 45cms in height and spreads quickly into good sized clump. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. OUT OF STOCK. Resilience: Hardy. Ideal Conditions: Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost. Campanula punctata ‘Pink Chimes’ Dwarf Spotted Bellflower: USDA Zone: 3-9: Plant number: 1.110.560. SHADE FLOWERS. 24) Cultivar * Campanula punctata cv. Spread: 26 Inches. Photo about Campanula punctata. Bloom Color: Pink/white bicolor. Description : Fleur rose, parfumée. Add to basket Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Description. Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms: – Width: 60cm approx. VARIETY DENOMINATION ‘Pink Chimes’. Plants form a spreading mound of light green leaves, bearing upright stems with huge drooping bells in a deep rose-pink shade. Sun Exposure: Full Sun. However, it may still be available through one of our licensees. Campanula punctata -'Pink Chimes' Also Known as Dwarf Spotted Bellflower / Long-Flowered Harebell. Spotted bellflower with light pink flowers. Sun to Partial Shade. Jul 27, 2016 - Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' - Marcel Lavallière Paysagiste Campanule 'Pink octopus' Campanula 'Pink octopus' 3 Avis clients. USDA Zone: 3-9. Potsize - 1L Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' is a dwarf hybrid with 30cm short upright candelabras, dense with 7.5cm long inflated cream bells; heavily marked inside with maroon spots. This midsized selection is perfect for the sun or part-shade border. CAMPANULA ‘Pink Chimes’(punctata) CAMPANULA ‘Sarastro’(punctata) – Campanulle – Bellflower. Campanula punctata Pink Chimes. Campanula punctata ‘Pink Chimes’ $ 9.50; Campanula punctata f. rubriflora ‘Beetroot’ $ 9.50; Campanula punctata x symphyandra ‘Swannables’ $ 9.50; Campanula raddeana ‘Nodding Thimbles’ $ 9.50; Campanula reiseii . CAREX. A look inside the flower. Campanula punctata Pink Chimes. Prix 1 gallon : 11,99$ Prix 2 gallons : Prix 4 litres : Zone : 3-4 Mois Fleur : 6-8 Exposition : soleil, mi-ombre Hauteur cm : 35 Espace cm : 35 Type de sol : tous les types. Botanical Family: Campanulaceae. Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' (VR) Consumer Information. Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' PP13156. Small garden on the balcony. Very floriferous and long-lasting, Campanula punctata 'Cherry Bells' is an upright clump-forming perennial with long, hanging, cherry-red bells, adorned with creamy edges outside and purple freckles inside. 75cm. Plant in sun/light shade. Campanula punctata, the spotted bellflower, is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the bellflower family. Date of First Flower: 5/24/2009. CAREX ‘ Pensylvanica’ CAREX ‘Gold Fountains’- Kaga nishiki’ CAREX Eburnea. Please contact our sales department for more information at 800-215-9450. Campanula punctata ‘Pink Chimes’ £ 5.95. Possible Situation: A perfect container specimen or ground cover plant due to its compact habit and prolific flowering. ‘Bowl of Cherries’ Campanula punctata ‘Bowl of Cherries’ - Photographer: Attributes • Container • Ground Cover • Humidity Tolerant • Drought Tolerant • Hanging Basket: Exposure • Sun: S May 2, 2014 - Bells and Belles - Campanulas in pink, blue and white . Image of botany, gardening, house - 139210455 Growing: Campanula punctata ‘Pink Chimes’ – Height with flowers: 75cm approx. Narrative Description: Compact form with pale pink flowers on spreading green foliage. sunny day, rock garden, campanula flowers, pink chimes, flowers, pink, bell, closeup, bloom, campanula… 6 in stock. Campanula punctata' Pink Chimes' Spreading full hardy perennial which produces arching pink bell shaped flowers over bright green foliage from early summer onwards. 'Pink Chimes' is a hybrid which originated from a cross between Campanula punctata f. alviflora ‘Nana Alba ’ (seed parent) and Campanula punctata f. rubiflora ‘Cherry Bells’ (pollen parent). Bellflowers are among the most popular of perennials. An exciting new range of spotted Bellflowers, native to Siberia and Japan. Campanula punctata ‘Cherry Bells’ Spotted Bellflower: USDA Zone: 3-9: Plant number: 1.110.550. Spread: 13-15 Inches. Bloom Color: Pink/white bicolor. PALE KOREAN BELLS $ 9.50; Cardamine quinquefolia . 6 in stock. 4.00. À propos du genre Campanula. Its serrated heart-shaped leaves remain green in colour throughout the season. Taille adulte (H x L): 0.4m x 0.6m. A distinctive hardy perennial that is well suited to pots, planters and front of borders. Height at Flower: 8-10 Inches. HxS 50x50cm. – Position: Full Sun as well as Partial Shade. Foliage: Unknown - … La Campanule Pink Octopus est une petite variété vivace dont les fleurs sont dotées de pétales éclatés, en 5 petits tentacules rose carminé, portés à 40cm de hauteur.. Cet hybride obtenu en 2005 par le croisement de la campanule takesimana' Beautiful Trust et campanule. Plants form a spreading mound of light green leaves, bearing upright stems with large, dangling cherry-pink bells, spotted on the inside. Campanula ‘Pink Chimes’ *** PLEASE NOTE *** This plant is no longer for sale directly from TERRA NOVA® Nurseries. The new variety has … Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' Spotted Bellflower. A little closer. CAREX Stricta – Carex – Tussock Sedge. My Yard, May, 2010. Water Requirements: Unknown - Tell us . Characteristics & Attributes. It has leaves and stems which fall down at the end of the blooming season. Compact plant with large pink bell-shaped flowers on short stems. Botanical Family: Campanulaceae. Growing up thru my landscaping material and choking out anything in its way. My Yard, May, 2010. Mar 20, 2019 - Bellflowers are among the most popular of perennials. My Yard, May, 2010. They rise above basal rosettes of rounded, toothed, mid-green leaves. Characteristics & Attributes. Weeks In Flower: 8. The present invention relates to a new and distinct hybrid of Campanula punctata, of the family Campanulaceae, which originated from a cross between Campanula punctata f. albiflora ‘Nana Alba’ (seed parent) and Campanula punctata ‘Cherry Bells’ (pollen parent). Foliage Color: Green. Pink Chimes Bellflower is a fine choice for the garden, but it is also a good selection for planting in outdoor pots and containers. Family: Campanulaceae (kam-pan-yew-LAY-see-ee) Genus: Campanula (kam-PAN-yoo-luh) Species: punctata (punk-TAH-tah) Cultivar: Pink Chimes: Category: Groundcovers. This compact selection is perfect for the sun or part-shade border and containers. Height at Flower: 14 Inches. Campanula punctata Pink Chimes. Potsize - 1L Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' is a dwarf hybrid with 30cm short upright candelabras, dense with 7.5cm long inflated cream bells; heavily marked inside with maroon spots. Blooming from early to mid summer, the flowers are borne in terminal racemes atop erect to gracefully arching stems. A dwarf variety, 'Pink Chimes' creates a low, dense mat of foliage - useful as a ground-cover/weed suppressant. Campanula, Dwarf Spotted Bellflower 'Pink Chimes' (Campanula punctata) by daryl Jul 28, 2005 9:26 PM. It will grow in any most well drained soil and is good for sun or part-shade so good for sunny borders, pots etc. Closeup of bell shaped pink coloured Campanula flowers in bloom in a rock garden on a sunny day. Very invasive with many tiny bulbs. CAMPANULA ‘White Clips’ (carpatica) CAMPANULA ‘White Uniform’ Carpatica-Bellflower. Flowers: May-October. Common Name: Spotted Bellflower. Easy to grow. This compact selection is perfect for the sun or part-shade border and containers. It is often used as a 'filler' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container combination, providing a mass of flowers against which the thriller plants stand out. – Soil: Best in slightly alkaline, fertile but well-drained soil. Bonne croissance. Forms a low creeping mat of foliage. Download preview. Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' Height: 12 inches Spread: 15 inches Sunlight: Hardiness Zone: 3b Other Names: Spotted Bellflower Ornamental Features Pink Chimes Bellflower features dainty nodding pink bell-shaped flowers at the ends of the stems from early to mid summer. Quantity discounts. See more ideas about Campanula, Perennials, Plants. In Korea, it is called Cholong ggot, which means Lantern Flower. Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' P05757: Campanula punctata f. rubriflora P07307: Campanula 'Purple Sensation' (PBR) P07758: Campanula pyramidalis P03033: Campanula pyramidalis P03034: Campanula raineri P07759: Campanula rapunculoides P08467: Campanula rapunculoides P05758: Campanula rotundifolia P00346: Campanula 'Royal Wave' P04096: Campanula 'Sarastro' P00094: Campanula … Campanula - punctata Pink Chimes. 1-3 : 4-6 : 7-9 : 10+ £ 5.95 £ 5.65 £ 5.50 £ 5.36: Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' quantity. Campanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' Spotted Bellflower. Perennials. Période de floraison : Juin, Juillet, Août. View gallery. Foliage Color: Green. PORTLY BELLFLOWER $ 9.50; Campanula rotundifolia ‘Scots Harebell’ $ 9.00; Campanula takesimana alba . Campanula punctata is native to Korea and is also distributed in Japan and Eastern Siberia.

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