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She is portrayed by Erin Daniels. A nine episode one-hour series that follows a group of real-life Los Angeles lesbians as they go about their daily lives, at work and play. Last Modified: May 30, 2017. She left a trail of destruction in her … Character definition, the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. Professional quality results can be achieved in no time at all, even for users with no prior knowledge of graphic design. quiz which has been attempted 3276 times by avid quiz takers. Catch Up on The L Word Catch Up on The L Word. Character Generation. Endgame: None. The ULTIMATE L Word Quiz; Find Out Which L Word Character You Really Are! Created by Ilene Chaiken. The series explores Moira's transition to Max, highlighting several key issues facing the transgender community. 2.1 Season One; 2.2 Season Two; 2.3 Season Three; 2.4 Season Four; 2.5 Season Five; 2.6 Season Six; 2.7 The Interrogation Tapes; 3 In between; 4 Generation Q; 5 References; Background [edit | edit source] An affluent, Ivy League-educated lesbian of African … Skinny … Bette and Tina are probably slightly older (they are starting a family and Bette is more established in her career … Dana Fairbanks was a professional tennis player and a main character of The L Word. She left the city, but after ten years, of opening and later selling her lucrative salons, she moved back to LA, wanting to make her mark in a bigger way this time around.1 She is one of the main characters on both The L Word and its sequel, … Tropes: All Lesbians have Kids. (The L Word on Showtime – Get the Newest L Word Downloads and more) At first many were thrilled to see this new character emerge, but the deeper they dive into what Moira is, the more problematic this character becomes. Character Status: Recurring. Niki Stevens, The L Word. With Whitney Mixter, Kelsey Grace Chavarria, Alyssa Morgan, Kacy Boccumini. Show Status: Over. Returning cast Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey will resume their original roles. Cast. 1 Storyline 1.1 Season 1 1.2 Season 2 1.3 Season 3 1.4 Season 4 1.5 Season 5 With a rising professional tennis career on her way, Dana Fairbanks was afraid tocome outas alesbian; she was raised in a conservative … Character story Edit. Show: The L Word. This is the category page for WordFriends. From the Executive Producer of The L Word® and the Creators of Project Runway and Top Chef comes this sexy reality series that goes where no show has gone before. Orientation: Lesbian. The series was … 12 episodes were produced this season. While on The L Word, Hailey was dating Nina Garduno of Free City, which’s how the show scored so much Free City apparel for characters who definitely couldn’t truly afford $150 t-shirts. One of the best parts of reminiscing about The L Word is discussing which character was just the absolute worst — there are so many to choose from! Endgame: None. Under 18 Years Old; 18 to 24 … She is played by American actress Leisha Hailey. Maybe Jenny was mentally ill, but the writers always leaned more into her over-the-top behavior than exploring any of the motivations behind it. The Strokes-Impressions Of Earth. I would say all the principal characters are 30-somethings except for Jenny, who is in her 20s (she has just graduated from college at the beginning of season 1). When Alice makes The … 10 Max Sweeney. About The Series . The character options are Alice, Tina, Bette, Jenny, Dana, Helena,and Shane. From love and lust to family and career, these women know what they want … Created by: Kris What is your age? When gene r ating original text, or original anything, through code, one of the main choices you face is what “unit” you will use. Contents. This fall the highly anticipated sequel The L Word®: Generation Q debuts. Introduced in: 2007-2008 / Final season: 2008-2009. Show Status: Over. um, So you would take this quiz to find out which L word character you are. The L Word; Season 4: Country of origin: United States: No. Paige Sobel (Kristanna Loken) Paige was a single mom introduced in … Bjork-Homogenic . List of The L Word episodes: The fourth season of The L Word premiered on January 7, 2007 and ended on March 25, 2007. It is often contrasted with, or used as the basis for, works of fan fiction.The alternative terms mythology, timeline, universe and continuity are often used, with the first of these being used especially to refer to a richly detailed fictional canon requiring a large degree of suspension of disbelief (e.g. Behind the Final Season: Part 1 Behind the Final Season: Part 1. Show: The L Word. Smart, gorgeous and fiercely successful, this fascinating group of LA ladies is ready to make the scene with their uniquely captivating stories and sizzling drama. The Clash-London Calling. Birth Of The Cool-Miles Davies. There’s a reason why Jenny’s romances are only in the “bad” column here. TV: Cable / Network: Showtime. Follows the lives and loves of a small, close-knit group of gay women living in Los Angeles as well as the friends and family members that either support or loathe them. an … Try this amazing What Character From The L Word Are You? of episodes: 12: Release; Original network: Showtime: Original release : January 7 () – March 25, 2007 () Season chronology ← Previous Season 3. Last Modified: May 31, 2017. We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Jenny Schecter was the worst character on The L Word. She is one of the main characters on both The L Word and its sequel, The L Word: Generation Q. Word vs. A little video about most of the main characters in the l word and some of their quotes, hope ya like it =] Created by Louise Belcher On Mar 29, 2017 The Spice Girls-Spice. Bikini Kill-The Peel Sessions. Trouble Man-Marvin Gaye. With Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner. is an online word cloud art creator that enables you to create amazing and unique word cloud art with ease. Max Sweeney, played by Daniela Sea, entered “The L Word” in its third season with the distinction of being television’s first-ever trans man series regular character. In fiction, canon is the material accepted as officially part of the story in the fictional universe of that story. Learn More About The L Word sequel, The L Word: Generation Q Learn More About The L Word sequel, The L Word: Generation Q. The 34-year-old serves as writer/showrunner of Showtime’s fall sequel to its 2004-09 lesbian drama, The L Word. um, So you would take this quiz to find out which L word character you are. Here are ten characters from The L Word we hope to see in Generation Q. "The L Word" star Jennifer Beals on why we need "Generation Q" more than ever The actor and producer spoke with "Salon Talks" about playing a queer and the fan letter she never forgot Character Status: Recurring. Fans were first introduced to Max in season three after Jenny returns to Los Angeles with her new girlfriend Moira in tow. Mia Kirshner, Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier, Laurel Holloman, Erin Daniels, Leisha Hailey and Katherine Moennig star in this intimate drama series about a … See more. With Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moennig, Leisha Hailey, Arienne Mandi. In season 3 Alice mentions that Dana is 32 years old, and I would place Shane and Alice somewhere in that age range as well. Tropes: Lesbian with a Man. Also explore over 112 similar quizzes in this category. During the first seasons, she is often seen with her best friends, Shane McCutcheon (Katherine Moennig) and Dana Fairbanks (Erin Daniels). Orientation: Lesbian. It seems Chaiken is trying to cover all her bases at once. Alice lives in Los Angeles, California, and mostly hangs out in West Hollywood. The most thorough L Word Quiz on the internet! Actor/Actress … Niki Stevens (Kate French) Niki Stevens was introduced in season 5 … The character options are Alice, Tina, Bette, Jenny, Dana, Helena,and Shane. Max was a misfit in the group and often stood out due to her … Shane McCutcheon is a hairstylist, formerly a vagrant, crashing on couches and in other people's beds as often as she could, before she became successful in her craft. Eva "Papi" Torres is a fictional character on the Showtime television network series The L Word, shown nationally in the United States and Canada.She is played by Janina Gavankar.Papi first appeared in episode 4.02: Livin La Vida Loca, which originally aired on January 15, 2007.Papi was brought in to replace the departure of Carmen de la Pica Morales.. TV: Cable / Network: Showtime. Groundbreaking drama series The L Word® revolutionized a generation. Next → Season 5. She was detested by fans, but it's a hatred that was earned. yup yup. Paige Sobel, The L Word. Alice Elisabeth Pieszecki is a fictional character on the Showtime television network series The L Word, shown nationally in the United States. She is the only main character in the closet at the start of the series. Introduced in: 2006-2007 / Final season: 2007-2008. Fifteen years ago, The L Word debuted on Showtime, revolutionizing the way the world viewed lesbians.At the time, the notion that lesbians could be hot and young and femme felt (and, to many, was) revelatory.The L Word made lesbianism more visible than ever, and for many queer women growing up in the ’90s and early aughts, it was the only representation we had access to.I didn’t watch … Appeared in seasons: 2006-2007, 2007-2008. Created by Michele Abbott, Ilene Chaiken, Kathy Greenberg. Created by Michele Abbott, Ilene Chaiken, Kathy Greenberg. … ... Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Appeared in seasons: 2007-2008, 2008-2009. Janis Joplin-Greatest Hits. Which L Word Character Are You? 1 Background; 2 The L Word. D&D Beyond The first season of American/Canadian co-produced drama television series The L Word premiered on Showtime on January 18, 2004 and ended on April 11, 2004, created by Ilene Chaiken, Michele Abbot and Kathy Greenberg.The series portrayed the lives of a group of lesbians and their friends, connections, family and lovers in the trendy Greater Los Angeles, California city of West Hollywood.

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