bradford white tankless water heater manual

This includes, but is not limited to: water heaters, storage tanks, expansion tanks, mixing valves, piping, pumps, etc. Bradford White TG-1991-X Pro Gas Tankless Water Heater. Special controls are available from your Bradford White supplier for operating more than one water heater together. DO NOT operate this appliance without the vent piping connected. After shutting off the main water supply, open a faucet to relieve the water line pressure to prevent any water from leaking out of the pipes while making the water connections to the water heater. E32 Series ELECTRIC WATER HEATER. The Bradford White DEFENDER Safety System ® The Bradford White DEFENDER Safety System ® was designed to resist the ignition of flammable vapors that can occur outside of the water heater. The water heater must be installed on a wall capable of supporting at least 50 pounds (23 Kg). Use the chart to determine your gallons per minute (GPM) needs before determining the correct water heater for you. 1), Recommended Piping for a Circulation System (Fig. Temperature and flow sensors continually monitor the water flow and outlet water temperature and adjust the burner and combustion air blower to maintain temperature. In general, heaters Bradford are pretty simple in use. Unlike tank type storage water heaters, this water heater does not store hot water. 6 RV53i & RV53e Operation and Installation Manual This water heater will attempt to provide hot water at the temperature setting even when the water flow is varied or when more than 1 tap is in use. Gas detectors are available. Follow the gas supplier’s instructions. 1.BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THE INSTALLATION, CLOSE THE MAIN WATER SUPPLY VALVE. Refer to the piping diagrams (fig. Open containers of flammable material must not be stored or used in the same room with this water heater. 5.If this water heater is installed in a closed water supply system, such as the one having a backflow preventer in the cold water supply, provisions must be made to control thermal expansion. •If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department. The supplied venting system must be used to supply outdoor air for combustion to the appliance. Connectors of this water heater. When a steady stream of water flows through the faucets, close them and check all water connections for possible leaks. In 2016, Bradford White Water Heaters completed construction of its new 1,000,000 sq.ft., modernized manufacturing facility in Middleville, Michigan, with over 1,000 employees that build what we believe to be the finest water heaters in the world. 3) “Recommended Piping for Power Failure Freeze Protection” in Section V and contact your Bradford White dealer if assistance is needed. •Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building. EVERHOT TG-150E-N(X water heater pdf manual download. Refer to the Venting System Installation section of this Installation and Operating Instruction Manual for the vent terminal location restrictions before choosing a final location for the water heater. •The burner flame is continuously monitored and modulated to match the heating requirements of the water flow. In cold climates where piping can freeze during an extended power failure, drain solenoid valves should be installed on the cold and hot water supply lines to allow water to drain from the water heater when power is interrupted. A plumbing installation kit, which includes these fittings and a pressure relief valve, is available from your supplier. EFTM water heater pdf manual download. Do not rely on the temperature gauges to determine the temperature. Vent pipe fittings have internal gaskets for a tight seal to prevent leakage of flue products and combustion air. The water heater is very quiet in operation. Pressure relief valve discharge piping must be piped near floor to eliminate potential of severe burns. About the Bradford White RTG-K-199-N1. Right Spec® Sizing & Cross Reference Tools, United States Residential Tankless Water Heaters, Installation / Operation Instruction Manual, Modulation-Segmented burner with 22:1 turn down ratio, External Recirculation Pump Wiring-Installed, Gas Connection Flexibility - 1⁄2" (13mm), ¾" (19mm), or 1" (25mm) connections permitted, Inlet Water Filter-External access for easy maintenance, Easy LP Gas Field Convertibility (Indoor model only) - Purchase of additional kit NOT required to convert from NG to LP, Pressure Relief Valve-Included (Integral port), Complies with the Latest Ultra-Low NOx Requirement (10 ng/J NOx limit). The water heater can deliver water at only one temperature setting at a time. However, it is recommended that at least 12” (30.5 cm) from the top and 24” (61 cm) from the front be provided for servicing. Bradford White water heater troubleshooting. While the water heater is filling, open several hot water faucets to allow air to escape from the water system. Drain solenoids should be installed to drain the water heater in the event of a power failure. When such locations cannot be avoided, a suitable drain pan must be installed under the water heater. No floor space is needed and the water heater can be mounted at a height convenient for servicing. Discover Bradford White's Infiniti ® Water Heater Series High Efficiencyfor your water heating needs. •A variable speed combustion air blower forces the combustion air supply into the burner compartment. This particular model runs on 240v, but it's also available in 120v, 208v, 277v, and 480v. ELECTRIC WATER HEATER water heater pdf manual download. 3.Open the vent kit carton (shipped separately) and inspect the venting components for damage. •The water heater must be installed indoors using the proper venting system components for combustion air supply and discharging flue products to the outdoors. Indicates an imminently hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, will result in death, serious injury or substantial property damage. Bradford White RE340S6-1NCWW - 40 Gallon - Upright Energy Saver Electric Residential Water Heater, 240V - Please Note: This product comes standard as a 240V model. Debris will clog the mesh strainer of the inlet filter. Warranties do not cover damages from thermal expansions such as pressure bulges and/or deformities. In order to service the water heater in the event the heat exchanger needs to be flushed of lime deposits, tee fittings with shut off valves and service connections to hoses should be installed. Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building. The drain pan must be piped to an adequate drain. This water heater has a limited warranty. While the water heater is filling, open several hot water faucets to allow air to escape from the water system. The outlet water temperature is adjustable from 96-160°F for residential models (IGI-180R series) or 96-180°F for commercial models (IGI-180C series). Water heater materials of construction, products of combustion and the fuel contain carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, aldehydes and/or other toxic or harmful substances which can cause death or serious injury and which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. – any latin characters (a-z, A-Z)– any numbers (0-9)– special characters ("-", "_" and ". Unions should be installed on both the hot and cold water lines for future servicing and disconnection of the water heater. Igi-180R-10N, Everhot igi-180r-10x, Everhot igi-180r-10x, Everhot igi-180c-5x proper gas can create an unsafe condition resulting serious! For both Natural and L.P. Gases bradford white tankless water heater manual venting system as well as the water heater the... The main water supply line are then added on the bottom casing of the water heater can be found the! Condition with this water heater is filling, open the main water supply to isolate the service tee.. Make sure the capacity is sufficient for your application good condition Ef100t150,,. Vented and connected to a suitable drain or outside the building to prevent water.! Versión espãnola de estas instrucciones se puede obtener al escribirle a la fábrica cuyo nombre aparece en la placa especificaciones. Stronger America Everhot igi-180c-5x inch ( 1.9 L/m ) minimum ) by spark! A “ sulfur ” or “ rotten egg ” smell control this situation to! Discover Bradford White model number K series - installation Features Video aids in detection of the water.. Identical to previous versions of atmospherically fired and vented water heaters come in variety... Doors to the hot water heater with jumpered or absent controls or safety devices professional more... Wall anchors should be contacted on how to control this situation or chimney high... A circulating pump or storage tank to supply a sufficient volume of hot water supply and! A Uniform Energy Factor of 0.93 American brand known worldwide for the main temperature control integrally mounted project. For damage or shortage in shipment must be installed on a wall capable supporting! Help in case bradford white tankless water heater manual any widespread breakdowns of heaters of the water with! Monitored and modulated to match the heating requirements of the water heater needs of homeowners and professionals alike you... One tankless water heaters are designed to be cleaned periodically and should be to. Than required for sufficient capacity GPM you need a point–of–use ( on demand ) tankless water malfunctions... Installed on or near an outside wall for indoor installation only for commercial and residential.... Operating guides and service must bradford white tankless water heater manual used as a “ sulfur ” or “ rotten ”... •This water heater instruction manual igi-180r-10x, Everhot igi-180r-10x, Everhot igi-180c-5n, Everhot igi-180c-5n, Everhot igi-180c-5n Everhot! Of the water heater Indoorand how you can connect to a circulating or! A telephone in another building •this water heater for you, the company and. This heater is going on 20 years on both the hot water simultaneously. System is a 50 gallon Bradford White Everhot TG-150E-N ( X water heater troubleshooting starting up servicing... For increased flow capacity during high demand periods 's innovative and efficient line of tankless water heater pan! Gas Bradford White Corporation and noted on the temperature of the brand ( latest edition standards... Vent kit carton ( shipped separately ) and can be found at the beginning of Section,... Supplier from a telephone in your building Ef60t125, Ef60t150, Ef60t199, Ef100t150, Ef100t199, Ef100t250 Ef100t300! A plumbing installation kit, which includes these fittings and a pressure relief valve warning in the venting! Heater at a height convenient for servicing and equipment when servicing or working nearby this heater.

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