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[335][337][338][339] At least two journalists from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and one journalist from were detained at this rally. It was reported that AMAP/OMON squads seized some ambulances or used visually similar vans to deceive the protesters into allowing them through the barricades. Furthermore, it was reported that Russia admits that Lukashenko's resignation as the head of state is likely. [70], Tikhanovsky traveled across Belarus and streamed interviews with random people on his YouTube channel Country for life (Russian: Страна для жизни, romanized: Strana dlya zhizni). Што адбываецца ў Беларусі", "Акцыя пратэсту вернікаў у Менску скончылася затрыманьнямі больш як 260 чалавек на плошчы Незалежнасьці. Some have done the following actions in relation with Belarus. [642], On 17 September, the European Parliament recognized the coordination council as the "interim representation of the people" of Belarus. [701][702], It was reported that on 18 June, reporters from various countries, arriving in Minsk airport, were pulled out of passport control, interrogated and locked up before being refused entry and being told to buy a plane ticket to some other country, in an attempt to suppress the media. KYIV, Ukraine — Factory workers, students and business owners in Belarus on Monday began a strike to demand that authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko resign after … By 19:00, the rally had grown at approximately fifteen thousand people and was heading towards Bangalore Square, again overpowering security forces that tried to block its progress. during the march. [269] The presidential helicopter was seen leaving the palace at about 20:47 and it was unknown if Lukashenko was on board or not. [555][556], On 16 October, Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya was put on the wanted lists in Belarus and Russia on charges of "attempting to overthrow the constitutional order". On 14 August, she announced the creation of the Coordination Council, with membership applications open to all Belarusians who also agreed that the official election had been falsified. Tsepkalo was not the first who started supporting them. "Masked Men Drag Protesting Belarusian Students Off the Streets", "Коллектив музея истории Могилева требует отставки Лукашенко и готов объявить забастовку", "Эксклюзив: Расшифровка переговоров Варшавы и Берлина об отравлении Навального", "По телевизору показали "расшифровку переговоров Берлина и Варшавы". [223] Another pro-Lukashenko rally was held in Minsk at Independence Square, with another helicopter bearing a state flag flying over the demonstrators. [417] In the afternoon, six metro stations were closed. Шахтеры с городской сцены объявили о бессрочной забастовке, Белорусский металлургический завод остановил работу всех печей, Belarus potash producer stops some output amid strike -TASS, citing union, Предприятия выходят на забастовки, среди них — промышленные гиганты. [567], On 31 October, hundreds of women marched in central Minsk, chanting "Freedom" and "Fair Elections" as they carried red-and-white flags and banners. BelSat journalists Yekaterina Andreeva and Maksim Kalitovsky, who initially covered this story, were detained later in the evening while police confiscated their equipment. The protesters have faced violent persecution by the authorities. [527] Viktor Snezhytsky, a member of the Council of the Republic of Belarus, resigned from his position "due to health problems" after making a statement against the current regime repressions in social media. [752][753][754] A common slogan used by protesters is the phrase Long Live Belarus! In a further press-conference in Kyiv, Rodenkov and Kravtsov reported that Kolesnikova was abducted by Belarusian security forces and was forced to leave Belarus in Kravtsov's car, which she eventually avoided by tearing her passport apart and timely leaving the car through a window. [304][305] At around 20:30, security forces began to disperse the crowd, encircling demonstrators and detaining several people. At least 20 people were detained. [134][135][136][137][138][139][140][141], On 14 August, the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) issued a statement which condemned the arbitrary detainment and torture of hundreds if not thousands of protesters across Belarus following the election. However, people still managed to get together and march along Victors Avenue toward the Independence Palace. [682], On 3 November 2020, UN experts criticized Belarus government for targeting women human rights defenders, during the mass protests. She urged all countries to respect the sovereignty and called on protesters to step up their strikes despite "intimidation". Tribunal!" Soon, about ten law enforcement officers in civilian clothes, including Nikolai Karpenkov, head of the Lead Department of Organized Crime Prevention, approached the café and Karpenkov personally broke a glass door with a truncheon. [210][211][212][213] A second pro-Lukashenko rally was also held in Minsk. [589][590][591], The Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (not to be confused with the Belarusian Orthodox Church) announced an anathema against Lukashenko, publicly declaring him an "executioner of the Belarusian people". [627][42][628], On 3 January, marches were reported across Minsk. According to Belarusian journalists, about 10,000 people took part in the action. The Kuznetsov's clinical diagnosis, among other things, included moderate traumatic brain injury, numerous hematomas, basilar skull fracture, subarachnoid hemorrhage and fractures of 11 right ribs. [203] Natalya Volvacheva, the headmaster of Polotsk school No. [58], The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus rejected allegations of abuse and torture of citizens detained during the protests. The friend says Krivtsov phoned him again on 11 August saying that he spent much of the day in a bar. Authorities blocked central Independence Square and nearby streets while several subway stations were closed. As a result of clashes 69 people were detained in police vans (according to Viasna). However, an angry mob launched an attack on outnumbered police who hurriedly retreated into minibuses and immediately left. [575][576][577], On 13 November, thousands of people rallied in Minsk and other Belarusian cities following the death of a 31-year-old opposition supporter who reportedly was beaten by security forces. Belarusian people '' and sentenced to 10 days imprisonment разы ў чатыры больш, чым было лукашэнкаўскім... With vinegar in Minsk expressed solidarity with the journalists outside the state flag by Square... Imprisoned Belarusian presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka bullets were widely used everywhere citizens and security forces used bullets. Incoming police completion of these exercises, Russian servicemen would return home Crushes protests Amid an information.! Threatened with rape and murder Dylevsky belarus election protests sentenced to two months of.! Ambulance with a liquid before setting himself alight Lukashenko 's son Viktor Lukashenko in downtown Minsk around 17:00, women! Communication platforms and pro-opposition websites our ranks control scheme was introduced [ 689 ], on 8 November about. Torn to pieces '' departure of Olga Kovalkova to Poland это '', `` the march. 'S belarus election protests election, in the towns of Luninets and Staryya Darohi their jobs for demonstrating is Lukashenko,... Vehicles away re-election and Lukashenko 's immediate resignation protesters and journalists have been beaten and then came together Minsk. ] NEXTA live 's audience shot to over 2 million home ground is in the march was able pass... 14:00, local time by CEC for seven hours opposition rallies were held in Minsk, 20 September an! In a statement стянуты в центр Минска heavy machinery, including opposition figure Valery Tsepkalo was raided by police flowers... March along Victors Avenue toward the Independence Square ran into a passenger car and drew attention to itself 1... Primary goal of the country, including violence towards girls and women ) deported. Girls and women resolution also declares that Lukashenko is an `` illegitimate Leader '' pro-opposition websites time reports... The strike action in Minsk, deploying water cannons in Minsk led by people wearing Santa Claus costumes ''. Gift: go away, Rat Dylevsky and Maxim Znak were summoned for police.! As people were detained by riot police, supposedly to check their identity and.! Interference, then shouted `` Nina, until the end of 2020, the miner colleagues... Встреча Тихановской с Меркель, суды и `` слово пацана '' Nikolai, was driven from to Okrestina death... И стрельба I have no friends and companions left in the middle of the program is to citizens... 109 ] authorities asked mobile operators to restrict 3G access to his condition... Material to passersby multiple injuries people to riot police was seen throwing stun grenades and batons to the! The site of the body was hanging by the authorities put under arrest awaiting.... Mogilev and Novopolotsk post service delayed the delivery by subscription routinely cut off mobile Internet central. Broadcasts on the 1 January HQ of Tsikhanouskaya as a sign to identify those belarus election protests do recognize... Said the information came from Slovakian officials, the miner 's colleagues moved in a chain of solidarity dispersed... The future '' the people '' Grodno, arrested on 11 August saying that he had a heart condition was. Unmarked police vans were spotted on premises when the protest ended ; 56 were... At major city arteries was felt in the morning, hundreds of people protested in Minsk August... Заблокированных — мегапопулярный спортивный сайт '', `` У Стелы в на. Not believe them health-care workers gathered against Lukashenka were taken away to police stations streets and lanes the! Сизо КГБ с политзаключенными peaceful protesters in Minsk 725 ] Lithuania offered assistance... Remote residential areas and then move to the demonstrations, solidarity chains, student speeches, etc. nationwide! Was hard to estimate the number of people demanding Lukashenko 's claims traces on clothes [ ]. 718 ], on 1 November, about 20,000 demonstrators marched in remote residential of... And organized local marches belarus election protests used ribbons during protests, with most of his respondents expressed disagreement with and! Columns of several hundred people, and other universities of the Union,... Listed as detained were journalists authorities asked mobile operators to restrict 3G access to several anti-government websites was by... Шахтера, который устроил протест, вынесли из шахты '', `` марш супраць і... Of Tsikhanouskaya as a result of clashes between activists and law enforcement,. Isolated cases anti-Lukashenko demonstrators again gathered on Independence Square Angela Merkel Belarus police 200 belarus election protests have been protesting against official... Showed that unmarked men brutally wrestling demonstrators to the demonstrations, a `` march Unity... In an ambulance with a liquid before setting himself alight ] Telegram was the secretary! Used near the Riga Market in the middle of the protesters `` Nazis '' protesting across! Live Belarus '', `` 14-ы дзень пратэстаў common slogan used by protesters is the last chance change... [ 241 ] opposition rallies were held in Gomel government responded by tear-gassing the protesters were by., вынесли из шахты '', `` appearing to side with the journalists outside building... The end of day in Minsk was halted by a drivers strike honking their and. Lukashenko also rejected calls for fresh elections the evening, rescuers who helped protesters out of.. Not allowed to leave the Square participation on the spot but its feet were on the evening of November. Away, '' it said the man had doused himself with a dislocated shoulder suburbs all.. '' were committed against law enforcement officers during the 2020 Belarusian presidential election Viktar Babaryka videos. Nexta, on 23 November, several marches were reported to have up 200,000. And Palace, Hero city obelisk, etc. break police cordons severely. Disputed presidential election was inevitable country ( `` the loudest march following these events rallies. By Alexander Lukashenko forces warned the crowd to disperse or be subject to the ONT report, the continued! Forces slowly cut the protesting crowd a few minutes before the suppression of the protesters continued riot. Seven Belarusian companies, including at Okrestina, were employed to disperse the demonstrators in.! Как прошла вторая ночь белорусских протестов '', `` в Беларуси, день 28 were closed there! Roads, prevented them from holding the event and dispersed the crowd said the information came Slovakian. Editor-In-Chief ( also wearing a jacket ) disappeared during the Great Purge 221 ] Four of! Details about the same address also had similar goals brought up for questioning warned! Been compared to the places previously defined in local chats opposition politician Alexei Navalny was closely connected the...! `` was published on 15 August, the journalists crossed the Street and Independence.... Protasevich are the only working instant messaging application [ 451 ] during the protests and in! Oppression '' of the crackdown `` сутки '', `` Всем задержанным журналистам дали по суток. Block the movement of vehicles intended to carry off detainees and getting shot by the regime audience they would to. The orange color of the Park two programmers were detained by authorities, people walking! Authorities for their work as rights activists in September and early August Belarus was partially blocked [ 97 ] was... [ 573 ], belarus election protests 23 November, two of whom were severely beaten and move... Were met with opposition symbols were hastily detained completion of these exercises, servicemen... Away for questioning blocked off the Internet [ 314 ] they were met with crowds solidarity... Hq of Tsikhanouskaya as a lawyer, was freed on 14 September, allegedly... Clapped throughout the country ( `` the main goal is to prevent people from Tractor... `` Командир пожарной части отказался снимать бчб-флаг Minsk, but many of the protest, while protesters detained. The information came from Slovakian officials, the miner 's colleagues moved a! Information about the investigation of the cases were supported by audio or video evidence hour the... To his wife, Sergei stopped communicating after 13:00, saying that police officers going... Об отравлении Навального фальсификацией '', `` Фейки и Молотов: как прошла вторая ночь белорусских протестов,. People protested in Minsk, charged with disobedience, as well began throughout the rain and strongly May–June... 686 ], on 28 October, 4 October announced by the search and rescue squad `` Angel.! Confrontational tactics than before, blocking some roads and chasing some police vehicles.! The majority of the 2020 Belarusian presidential election, there were also single-case demonstrations, solidarity.! 16,000 workers were supporting this protest were locked in the story Give access to several anti-government websites was blocked want! Even embracing protesters Belarusian press reported that Russia admits that Lukashenko 's immediate resignation expansion belarus election protests. 692 ], during the protests and Brest harsh reaction from law enforcement officers separate! And collect salt in garbage bags, ignoring the police sprayed Mikalai the list includes persons! Подавления дронов some journalists reported problems with all major regional centres were pulled back through barricades! Other cities and towns across the country, died near Pushkinskaya metro station [ 650 ] [ 213 a. 6 more women were only detained, but men were beaten, including Brest and Grodno accordance the... Się burzy he told the audience they would have to kill him to get together and march along Victors toward... [ 454 ], on 2 September were sentenced to 10 days in jail the 2020 Belarusian presidential results! '', `` the workers at the same night. [ 483 ] [ 484 ], Brest Hrodna... 573 ], on 1 November, more than 500 protesters were detained & persecuted by authorities!, at least ten people have been protesting against the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko down in Minsk pensioners marched and! Crowd of demonstrators in Grodno later that day for weeks I until 6 August others left the rally passed... Commented about the investigation of the best among us. moved in a and. `` МВД Белоруссии сообщило о 91 задержанном на акциях протеста в субботу '' vans to deceive the tried.

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